What do we want from a city manager?

Former Council member has ideas.

What do we want from a city manager?
A SXSW line stretches for more than a block from Congress on 8th St this morning.

One city manager candidate withdraws: Brian Platt, one of the three announced finalists to be Austin city manager, has withdrawn his candidacy and will remain in his current position as city manager in Kansas City, Mo.

This narrows the field down to two: Denton City Manager (and former Austin Parks Director) Sara Hensley and former Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax.

Only two? It doesn't sound like Council is reacting to Platt's withdrawal by bringing in another finalist. I imagine there's a sense that that finalist, having not made the first cut, would be viewed by the public as second tier.

But that wouldn't be my view. I think it's extremely hard to judge an applicant just based on their resume and it's likely that somebody who was snubbed in the first round would end up looking pretty good after a face-to-face interview.