Garza surrenders on McKinsey

And the YIMBYs come to town.

Garza surrenders on McKinsey
I've run by Austin Window Tint on S. 1st so many times and never noticed it.

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Garza pulls McKinsey contract

A few weeks after ramming it through City Council, Interim City Manager Jesus Garza has announced he is abandoning the $2 million contract with McKinsey & Co. to conduct a review of local homelessness services.

"Given the changes in participation among the partners, I have concluded that the conditions for the assessment have changed such that we cannot achieve the community-wide impact originally envisioned," he wrote in a memo today.

His decision is ostensibly in response to a resolution filed yesterday by CM Zo Qadri calling on the city to cancel the contract. It likely would have passed, given that Garza's near-assurance that other local governments would help fund the contract has fallen apart. The Travis County Commissioners Court voted against contributing, while Central Health had proposed significant edits to the contract and Integral Health has made clear that coming up with the requested $400,000 would be a challenge.