The city manager speaks

and Jennifer Virden calls for Biden's hanging.

The city manager speaks
Slick WIllie's pool hall on Burnet Rd, just south of U.S. 183.

New City Manager T.C. Broadnax spoke with the Chronicle's Austin Sanders a month ago. He didn't say anything earth-shattering, but it was still leaps-and-bounds better than what you'd get from an interview with former City Manager Spencer Cronk, the world champion of bureaucratic vapidity.

These quotes on policing, for instance, are far more intelligible than anything Cronk ever said on the subject:

He also said that offering a compensation package that can boost recruitment and retainment within APD is crucial – especially amid growing competition from suburban police forces – but he pushed back on the notion commonly voiced by APA officials that strong civilian oversight might push recruits away.
“It should be expected that the work that’s being done in the police department, no different than any other department, needs to be done in a manner that is above reproach and consistent with the norms of policing in 2024,” Broadnax said. “People join a police force to protect and serve their community, even though it’s a very difficult job. But that job requires accountability and responsiveness to how people in a city want to be policed.”

I think he is striking a good balance here. Respect is a two-way street etc. We should be willing to pay high wages in exchange for high standards etc.