The enviros supporting Mackenzie Kelly

A display of the split between older & younger greens.

The enviros supporting Mackenzie Kelly
The side of the now-vacant Nau's Enfield Drug in Clarksville.

A number of former liberal activists are supporting Mackenzie Kelly, the lone Republican on City Council, as she runs for reelection against challenger Krista Laine in November.

Laine is an unabashed supporter of allowing more housing and more housing types throughout the city.

Among those attending Kelly's recent campaign kickoff were former Council Member Daryl Slusher, Save Our Springs head Bill Bunch, and operative David Butts.

Slusher and Bunch don't surprise me. Bunch already supported an ultra-conservative candidate Richard Smith for Council against Paige Ellis last cycle, and Slusher, since retiring from Austin Water four years ago, has similarly become a reliable purveyor of get-off-my-lawn takes on his blog.

But I am surprised to see Butts, the veteran strategist who for many years was the most sought after campaign consultant in city politics, supporting a Republican.