We were right about Barton Springs Rd

Taking away car lanes did wonders.

We were right about Barton Springs Rd
People in front of City Hall last Friday on Bike to Work Day. Can you spot the two Council members? Photo courtesy of a reader...

Back in August, the city implemented a safety "pilot" on a segment of Barton Springs Rd between S. Lamar & Azie Morton Rd. The city took away a vehicle lane on each side of the road and dedicated the freed space to create wide bike lanes.

It was the kind of thing that had been planned for a long time but suddenly became precarious with the arrival of crotchety Interim City Manager Jesus Garza. Fortunately, perhaps because the plan was already in the works, Garza was willing to go along with the pilot as long as it was framed as a "safety" initiative, rather than some namby pamby bike thing.

While there wasn't much pushback at City Hall, there was plenty of predictable outrage expressed on social media, denouncing yet more INSANITY from the Austin City CLOWNCIL.

Well, this week the city released the results of the first six months of the pilot (Aug-Feb):