Tovo runs HOME

The mayoral candidate returns to her slow-growth roots.

Tovo runs HOME
Kathie Tovo addresses the faithful at El Mercado on S. 1st.

I checked out Kathie Tovo's campaign kickoff last night at El Mercado on S. 1st. There was a pretty good turnout –– somewhere between 100 and 150, I would guess.

However, I was not surprised by any of the attendees. As is often the case at Austin political functions, there was diversity among those who spoke but relatively little diversity in the crowd, which skewed very white and very Boomer. I imagine that a Watson's function will be similar ethnically but a little bit more generationally diverse.

In her address, Tovo did two things. She cast herself as a diligent policymaker with a track record of getting things done and framed herself as a champion of transparency and "community-led solutions," in opposition to an arrogant and duplicitous establishment led by Kirk Watson.