Which remote work policy works?

The city and county take very different approaches.

Which remote work policy works?
Very nice landscaping/rain gardens in front of a new apartment development on S. Lamar. It was likely required by code to reduce runoff, but it also makes walking on this godforsaken stroad so much nicer. Imagine if the whole corridor could get the same treatment? 

Tomorrow at noon in front of City Hall, members of AFSCME 1624, the union that represents city and county employees, will protest Interim City Manager Jesus Garza's recently-announced remote work policy. AFSCME business manager Carol Guthrie says she expects "over 100" members to show.

This is one of many indications that city employees are pissed about Garza's abrupt decision ordering everyone back to the office at least three days a week. Another indication: the 34 employees who commented on the the city's internal newsletter were all against. In several instances, employees who worked in-person roles rebuked the implicit dig Garza took at remote workers by expressing gratitude for those who haven't had the "opportunity" to work remotely.

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