The case for senior co-ops

A worthy idea.

The case for senior co-ops
A nice apartment building on St. John's Avenue. Probably not enough foot traffic for ground-floor retail but still nice to see a building that isn't behind a huge parking lot.

The most reliable demographic indicator of a person's position in a land use debate in Austin is their age. YIMBYs are younger, NIMBYs are older.

Unfortunately, this feeds the perception that the push for new housing is only about young people. Or, to be more specific: young, childless tech workers. Hence the constant gripe that not enough of new housing is "family-friendly," a term often arbitrarily defined as three or more bedrooms (because only a monster would make kids share a room).

In fact, most adults who don't need or want an extra bedroom or two aren't childless. Rather, they're people who are no longer raising children. Empty-nesters.