The sanctity of the bike lane

Will a ban on bike lane parking be enforced?

The sanctity of the bike lane
The abandoned rail line in South Austin that will eventually become the Bergstrom Spur Trail.

It's TC time

City Council made it official today, voting to hire T.C. Broadnax as the next city manager. He'll get a $470k salary, up from the $388k that Spencer Cronk was making and the $350k that Jesus Garza, the interim, has been making.

It's not clear yet when Broadnax will actually begin his job and whether there will be a short period between Garza's departure and his arrival. The word at City Hall is that Garza is itching to leave.

Legally protected bike lanes

Parking your car in a bike lane is usually not illegal. A resolution Council approved today seeks to change that, asking city staff to draft an ordinance prohibiting the practice.

But a new ordinance won't necessarily change much if the relevant authorities don't enforce it. Just like police officers, the city's traffic enforcement officers are guided by a culture that prioritizes certain infractions over others.