Another anti-growth mayoral candidate

And Acevedo is out.

Another anti-growth mayoral candidate
Southeast Metropolitan Park.

Sigh. There are a lot of stories that I've been meaning to publish that keep getting shoved aside by breaking news at City Hall.

Carmen Llanes Pulido declares mayoral campaign

Llanes Pulido joins a mayoral race that already includes Kathie Tovo, whose development-skeptic politics she shares. In fact, Llanes Pulido served for several years at Tovo's appointee on the Planning Commission, where she was an increasingly lonely voice against zoning reforms aimed at increasing the supply and variety of housing.

A native Austinite and the daughter of Daniel Llanes, a vocal opponent of increased density, Llanes Pulido has for many years been the executive director of Go Austin/Vamos Austin (GAVA), a nonprofit focused on addressing health inequities in the eastern crescent through mobilizing "community power." Besides Llanes Pulido, GAVA has employed a number of anti-development activists, such as Monica Guzman, Frances Acuna and former CM Jackie Goodman, and it is a frequent voice against zoning reforms at City Hall.

She is running on a populist progressive theme, contrasting what she says is her commitment to "community-powered" solutions with a status quo that serves the elite.